Winner takes all

The BilliDrop Ecosystem

BilliDrop is a Tri-Token ecosystem founded on the principle of complete visibility and transparency to token holders and players. Every part of the ecosystem has been designed to work collaboratively to create a DeFi gaming experience that wouldn’t be possible without the blockchain. Native Polygon-based tokens, NFT’s, skill-based gaming, and Smart Contracts all made accessible and easy to understand even if you’ve never used crypto before. We’re bringing better blockchain gaming to everyone.

The Herd

More than just a pretty goat face. BilliDrop NFT holders will receive special drops and gain exclusive access to the Goat Farm - a way for BilliGoat owners to increase their odds of winning for draws and prize pools.

Functional NFT

The initial NFT drop will feature 10,000 BilliGOATs, each completely unique and designed to add value in both form and function to your NFT collection.

Goat Farm

Feed GOAT.
Milk GOAT.
Breed GOAT.
Make money.

Grow Your Goat

The BilliDrop GOAT Farm is the exclusive pasture where BilliGoat owners can feed and level up their goats to increase their prize pool entry multipliers.

The Drop

Players use native BilliDrop tokens to purchase entries into prize pool draws. Entrants can watch prize pools fill in real-time and have complete visibility as to how and where prize money is awarded. Once the prize pool is full, a winning entry is drawn using a provably random, Polygon-based draw system.

We feed our goats too.

BilliDrop takes a 10% administration cost from ticket purchases with the rest going directly to the prize pool. Prize pool winners receive the full amount of the pool in stablecoin and distribution is public and visible to anyone.