Blockchain-based gaming that delivers wins for projects, communities, and players.

Combat FUD with FOMO.

Give your users access to Blockchain gaming that's a proven winner with gameplay that increases engagement and rewards players for supporting your project.

See The Difference.
Average Engagement Increase

Projects that use The Drop see an average increase on their Twitter Engagement Rate of 110% when they started promoting their white label version of The Drop.

Get more discourse in your Discord.

Want more meaningful chatter than a bunch of "GM fam!"? Our partners see their daily unique messages on platforms like Discord increase as much as 760% during The Drop. Winning big is always a conversation starter.

Fair & Transparent Gaming.

On-chain transactions and wins show exactly how fees and prizes are distributed. Along with Polygon VRF, you and your users have full visibility into everything that happens.

Increase in your revenue

The Drop pays out to projects as well as players. Revenue share on entry fees provide alternative revenue streams to projects that have an audience but lack investment.

You bring the audience.
We bring the wins.

Fast Delivery

Fully Tested & Ready to Deploy

We still haven't figured out how to deliver last week, but next week is doable. Implementing with Billidrop is quick & painless - give us your branding and we'll give you a fully tested and customized front-end deployed into your existing ecosystem.

Boost Your Value.

Real Utility FTW.

Give your existing token more utility and give users outside your community a reason to buy-in.

Current Features

Our games are designed to maximize engagement and minimize the time you spend giving your audience something to do while they wait for your next big thing.

The Drop

A Smart Contract based raffle-hybrid game that pays out a jackpot and secondary prizes to winning wallets using Chainlink VRF.


Multi-prize pays out multiple smaller prizes alongside the jackpot to reward more players with cash prizes.

Bonus Wheel

Players pay for the chance to win bonus coupons that give them additional entries to The Drop with the option of using a partners proprietary token as the purchase currency.

Shared Draws

Multiple partner audiences play the same game through separate UI's. This allows for increased jackpots and prize pools to drive anticipation and excitement.

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